Agenda 2023

This agenda is subject to change.

Friday, June 16 (Networking dinner)

15:30 Registration opens at the Blique by Nobis lobby

17:30 Buses from Blique by Nobis to the harbour where a boat will take us to the networking dinner at Tornvillan, Vaxholm

Saturday, June 17 (Day 1)

Meet at Karolinska Hospital, Eugeniavägen 3
We will walk over at 08:50 from the lobby of Blique by Nobis

09:00 Welcome and introduction

Presentation of the cases

Overview of the data

Introduction to Scout platform

10:30 Go to rooms, organize into groups

12:00 Group presentations

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Hackathon

15:15 Kafferep (coffee party) with Swedish "Prinsesstårta"

18:30 Group updates

20:00 Networking Dinner, Macelleria Restaurant, Torsplan 

21:30 Hackathon til late

Sunday, June 18 (Day 2)

09:00 RNA analysis workshop

09:30 Tool tutorials: Clinical Camel, PubCaseFinder, LIRICAL, Monarch

10:00 Hackathon

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Hackathon

15:15 Kafferep (coffee party) with Swedish “kanelbulle”

18:20 Presentations and closing session

19:25 End of hackathon, return to hotels

19:40 Buses leave from in front of the Blique by Nobis and take us to the Networking Dinner at Villa Godthem, Djurgården

22:50 Buses return us to the Blique by Nobis hotel