In 2023, the Wilhelm Foundation pioneered the the first global Undiagnosed Hackathon, a ground-breaking initiative that convenes patients, bioinformaticians, healthcare professionals, researchers, geneticists, and pharmaceutical industry representatives to collaborate and solve undiagnosed diseases.

Participants are presented with a variety of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and platforms in order to re-analyse cases. 

The 2-day event features a format of intense and time-bound collaboration that fuels accelerated problem-solving.  Innovation thrives at the intersection of disciplines and the transcendence of organisations/country boundaries, with a cross-pollination of ideas that spark creative solutions which may not emerge within traditional silos.

At the core of the hackathon is a patient-centric ethos. Teams are not just solving undiagnosed challenges; they are addressing real-world problems faced by individuals with undiagnosed conditions.

This first Undiagnosed Hackathon was organized by the Wilhelm Foundation, Karolinska UDP, Karolinska institute/hospital and PhenoTips.

Read about the first Undiagnosed Hackathon 2023
by German Demidov